Thanks for your interest, there are a variety of different ways you can work with me or hire me and the best way to reach out is through a 15 minute consultation to see if we are a fit.

If you’d like to connect, please schedule a time here.

How Can I Help You?

Leverage my expertise for your business or facility–with a wicked set of business, marketing, public relations skills, I also bring training experience and technical talent to help you.

How I Differ

With both real world experience plus continuous education in a wide variety of areas, I’ve been in the entrepreneurial space since childhood (I’m second generation entrepreneur business owner) stepping out into my own in 1975 and then ventured online in 1995. This means that I have perspectives and an experience base to draw from that is unrivaled.

Super Powers?

Recently asked about what superpowers I have got me to thinking. There are a lot! Some examples:

  • Ability to identify missed opportunities and strategy from an aerial view–I’ll take a deep dive and make recommendations specific to your business.
  • Early adopter and trend spotter, I help businesses and trainers level up into more effectiveness and identify where to focus.
  • Beta geek–good and getting involved, finding what is broken, and making suggestions for improvement for products or services.
  • Can help optimize and streamline processes and get you headed in the right direction or to the resources that can most help you where you are now.
  • Faster, better online customer review systems and strategies for better ranking and more revenue.

Other Talents

Comfortable on stage and off, today I selectively accept paid speaking or live appearance events. I continue to provide media expert comments or a spokesperson voice. I’m comfortable in all levels of media with experience from local, regional all the way up to national and international markets. Some appearances include: Today Show, Good Morning America, etc., and on radio such as NPR or quoted in print media such as the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, etc.

Consultations & Meetings

My sweet spots include integrative marketing–my system is called O2O (offline to online) and although I ran a full service agency at one time, I now specialize in reputation marketing–as an advisor and customer review specialist.

New in 2016 is my Virtual Clipboard System and the 5 Steps to 5 Stars Method–both designed to leverage the search engine ranking factors and conversion power from online customer reviews.

Causes that drive me in business include planet welfare and conservation–which I weave into my business teachings and training.

Paid onsite events and training are options but I prefer to conduct business virtually when possible as it is the most efficient use of time and dollars for both clients and our team. Face-to-Face meetings are available with a deposit. Fees will include travel time, travel expenses and current day rate.

Need to know anything else? Please contact me.