Zooper Bowl & Real Marketing Animals

Zooper Bowl & Real Marketing AnimalsIf you are a business animal, you are probably amused by all the Super Bowl predictions. This year, in addition to the number of animal ads, there has been a mania over mammals–especially a zooper bowl flurry of predictions from zoological institutions.

For those of you that may have missed them, below is a round up of a few menagerie collections to peruse for #SB50 but my favorite has to be Cincinnati for the unanimous pick of the Panthers (but I have to give it to Zooniversity for their ongoing efforts with their porcupine).

Now over time, my favorite remains the Budweiser #BestBuds Commercials.

Not only do the ads hit an emotional cord using the iconic brand’s Clydesdales, but unlike the Zooper Bowl attempts, the entire social media campaign is one of the savviest and well executed that I have seen. It is an illustration of how a solid marketing campaign unfolds.

The Bud teams learning from 2014 meant that the 2015 #BestBuds commercial had tactical implementation such special segments of behind the scenes snippets collected during ad creation, as well as a dedicated Playlist on YouTube AND a dedicated Twitter BudweiserPuppy account (now defunct). They topped it off by creating and using campaign hashtags (#BudEpicAds #BestBuds).

Overall, when you are working on a campaign, pre-planning and understanding of how to leverage and track your efforts are two essentials that often get overlooked or omitted. Sadly, for puppy and horse enthusiasts, this year it looks like Budweiser is going in a different direction.

Don’t fret if you are an animal lover because both Doritos and Hyundai have created animal commercials you might enjoy. I’d say there is an opportunity for collaboration since I know a few beer drinking, chip loving drivers–but I digress. The reason I selected to highlight Doritos here is because they have been critter-centric more than once.

Also, I wanted to share that not only did Doritos create a fun, silly commercial with their product front and center, but the brand also took it a step further by leveraging the social space. This was accomplished by involving their fans and viewers in selecting their favorite commercial during a Crash The Superbowl contest (you can still view the finalists online).

Okay, so there are a few of my brand examples that you might enjoy during the #SuperBowl. But for those who want to see an online example of how to attach your business into an event and leveraging it, Dan Sullivan and the MarketingLand crew have been doing just that over at the #HashtagBowl.

Finally, for those of you who won’t be watching the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl is another clever spin that provides entertainment to those not interested in the sports event. It is also an example about how you can serve up something to an audience with a different interest or loyal advocates. BTW if you want to monitor the Puppy Bowl, follow @MeepTheBird.

What will I be doing on Super Bowl Sunday? Instead of smiling at the silliness of the Puppy Bowl or joining others to watch the game, I will be outside enjoying the quiet while most everyone is inside glued to the television. Instead, I’ll be strolling seaside around the fish bowl of Monterey Bay.

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