DianaLGuerrero aka TheArkLadyMeet @TheArkLady, Diana L. Guerrero an author and reputation marketing consultant who also made a name for herself through her work with animals. Today her special interests are in working with eco-friendly and conservation oriented businesses and organizations.

Growing up on a bluff above the Pacific Ocean, Guerrero is passionate about all things nautical and animal. She originally embarked on an expedition into marketing and public relations within the marine and zoological industries. An innovative pioneer, her certifications and practical experiences are diverse and include training in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Diana Guerrero (@TheArkLady) has an interesting business history with a past that includes a wide variety of experiences including work as an award winning sales trainer, as a professional speaker, and the manager of 11 business lead networking group chapters in the Los Angeles area.

The Ark Lady’s works and quotes have appeared in journals, industry publications, and various magazines throughout the world. Her tips, insights, and advice provide valuable strategies to other professionals, business owners and managers. Her current priority is to provide clients with increased visibility, market leadership and business growth leveraging the power of reptuation.

Guerrero took the stage at the young age of 15 with her first media appearance on Good Morning America at 18 years of age. As a seasoned professional, you may have seen her in media segments on such shows as The Today Show, on the Discovery Channel, or perhaps you’ve heard her on NPR, or quoted in the print media.

Her columns and articles have been found in widely read publications. She is the author of several books. Upcoming titles include The Ark Lady’s Guide to Yelp for Business and Toxic Mold Exposure: The Mold Survivors Guide to Recovery.

Guerrero currently resides on the central coast of California (Pacific Standard Time) and is represented by the New York Literary Agency, Bykofsky & Associates.