Brain Dump Day 2

How Did This Happen?

DianaLGuerrero -@TheArkLady #DivinelyOrchastratedLife Day 2Now I need to tell you why I decided to close my business…but before I do, I need to share a little about my journey of late and how I came to start living a #DivinelyOrchastratedLife.

July 2009 my throat began to close and I knew that if I was unable to get help, I would die. In fact, life had become a nightmare. However, thinking back, the first symptoms started showing up not long after I moved into a home above a lake in a small mountain community in Southern California.

As my health continued to decline, I had to change my career focus and path. Day-to-day living was a struggle, my body systems began failing, my brain wasn’t working so well and then the man I thought loved me moved off.

Things. Just. Sucked.

So when the golden light filled the room and I had a choice to stay or leave, that was the moment the paramedic took the action that saved my life. I would later wonder why I stayed, because the past few years my life had been reduced to a miserable existence.

Barely able to work, unable to do the activities I had always loved, each day was a struggle. I know I am not alone, and although my story is a personal one, I will eventually share what I learned, and how I survived years of hell caused by exposure to mold and mycotoxins, so it will help others.

The #DVO started over three years ago when I left the toxic environment, I am still in health recovery and moving into wellness at a faster rate.

More on that later…

Day Two Summary

I am sharing short livestream videos over on Facebook (link below) and today I took the time to do a brain dump of all kinds of ideas and then did a listing of different types of projects that I might tackle.

It seemed to be a good idea to list some of the skill sets that I have.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of different things and thought it might help me with clarity. Having a lot of talent and experience can make the waters a bit muddy.

Anyway, I began outlining specific projects and bulleting some of the phases for at least one of the projects.

Next will be setting some goals and deadlines as well as prioritizing. However, I need to test a few things before going full out into them–so planning might take a bit of time but it will save time in the long run.

As usual, I had some serendipitous encounters, one of them resulted in meeting a tour company owner who wanted my card. I have already been recruited by one local company and find it interesting that my show performance and commercial license is opening new opportunities I would not have thought of.

Of course I did also have a couple of phone meetings and discussions. One resulted in this gem of a quote from my pal:

“I have found when I have just jumped that amazing things happen–better than I could have ever imagined” Lori B.

Another business discussion was with a creative who came to me about some marketing and to create some segments with talking points etc. A segment is used to help make interviews by the media go smoother–I have a great time creating them and these will be for radio and podcasts.

Another few hours were spent on another project doing SEO research for an online marketing project. Although I used to love doing that, and have solid skills for site structure SEO and many other technical online marketing skills, I discovered I really am not interested in it any more.

The upside to all of this was that I was able to spend time outside in the beautiful weather today enjoying the sunshine and wildlife.

I dictated letters using a speech-to-text feature on my mobile.  I am all for batching tasks and hacking, in this case I used Evernote. This made it super easy to get those done while I was strolling from one location to another. I also did some of this blog post with it–although I tend to like to write more than dictate here for some reason.

Tomorrow is another day–and I’ll be offline for most of the day but I hope to be able to update you with the events…using another batch and hack idea.

BTW comments are only open for a day here so if you missed sharing your feedback, please do pop over to Facebook to join the conversation and catch the livestreams.

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