Optimized Efforts Days 5-9

DianaLGuerrero -@TheArkLady #DivinelyOrchastratedLife Days 5-9Sometimes life gets in the way despite your best intentions but due to time constraints, I thought a less frequent update might be more appropriate…what do you think?

It might not be as exciting but once a week might be more reasonable and more conducive to getting things done versus reporting on it.

Having said that, remember that I live stream just about daily on my business page.

Right now I am working on a lot of different things and have to use care on my energy expenditures as well.

Yesterday I had a medical day and found that I was very tired at the end of the day.

Also, I made a food choice that was not the best and found that my inflammation was way up this am.

That could have been a double hit from food and toxin release–either way I feel the results today.

These are the sort of things that might be useful to disclose on how I bounce back from these hiccups when I begin sharing what I have learned about bouncing back during this recovery from toxic mold exposure.

However, I am getting off track so let me catch up on the updates through to today.

Thursday, May 4th

Coffee chats was something I began implementing this year. Since I am a slower start in the mornings than I used to be, it is a good way to connect while I move into my day.

One of the downsides of entrepreneurship is that is can be an isolating process. So, coffee chats are a way I combat that and create real connections with those I am connected with online.

Locally I have community locations where I meet up with people–because I do take breaks that get me outside.

Anyway, I connected with Fern, a person I have chatted with off and on for a few years.

I believe we can help each other out since we have complimentary skills but I also really like checking in to see what is happening in her life.

If you have heard the names, Ed Dale, Dan Raine, Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins…etc., we met during a time when those folks were offering test programs.

They were forming a mastermind and testing different online strategies and products.

What I have learned is that the best outcome from most of my beta testing experiences or program participation usually comes from the connections I make.

Anyway, Cinco de Mayo kept me busy with activities that brought in some moola but but that might also pan out into new project ideas.

Friday, May 5th

Although I am more chatty when I have just finished a day or am still reviewing the results the following morning, a shorter summary might be best for all involved!

The most significant outcome on Friday was a long conversation with somebody who has spent 30 years in an industry that I’m exploring.

She happens to have a lot of connections and has traveled the world because of it.

Sadly we could not meet up because she was heading out on a trip but we are going to reconnect sometime after the 15th.

Funny, the 15th seems to be some magical date because I’m reconnecting with quite a few people that I’ve met or that have reached out to me and that seems to be the week that they are available for follow ups to connect again.

The upside to daily life these days is that I am able to pivot faster than in the past.

This means having the ability to schedule and adapt to what is opening up but also setting limits so that I can make forward progress and take myself out of the hamster wheel that many people seem to be stuck on or in

One of the priorities in my life today is that I take the time for self-care.

Friday evenings are when I take time to immerse myself in practices that nurture me on different levels.

Yoga helped to reset my body and mind and then I took an hour to explore new art at a local opening.

My art adventure resulted in my meeting Ed Penniman who has an amazing story.

Touched by his artist’s statement, I shared a bit of my story and he thought that my DVO would be another story in itself.

Although I also enjoyed the works by Russian artists as well, his work felt like a sigh…and I am so glad we met and had some time to chat.
DianaLGuerrero -@TheArkLady #DivinelyOrchastratedLife Days 5-9

Saturday, May 6th

Over the weekend I had my head down working on some technical search engine optimization research and strategy for a local company.

It kept me inside for took long but I finally stopped working to take a break.

As many of you know, that usually means I am down by the sea, in this case I took the time to toddle over to Stanford University’s Hopkins Marine Station.

What happened at the ocean marine station was that I met shark fin and forensic expert Dr. Jenny Giles.

Excited over meeting someone in wildlife forensics (that is another interest) I knew that she would also appreciate Eugene Clark  a female scientist whose early work with sharks held my interest.

Chatting with Dr Jenny reminded me of some project ideas I put on the back burner.

One thing is for sure, I do NOT lack in ideas, simply need to verify those concepts before I jump in…that is a long story but the short version is that in the past I have jumped full on into projects that sucked time and energy without the big results I was seeking.

Hence, this is why I now am compiling a list and mapping out some test projects instead of jumping right in.

Of course, I also met up with two scientific illustrators–Kylie Duthie and Andrea Dingeldein.

Although scientific illustration has been around for ages, back when I was working with scientific illustrators it wasn’t something considered a solid way to make a living.

It’s nice to see how things have changed since college courses and programs now exist for that particular career focus.

Again, it brought up some ideas and I would love to explore some options with them…something else to add to the growing list.

Sunday, May 7th

On Sunday I spent most of the day indoors which was not the best choice since it was sunny out.

However, deadlines are looming and once the bulk of what I had scheduled was done, I finally got outside for an ocean path stroll.

Connecting with a couple of pals, the cold evening drove me inside the local theater.

Traditionally, Sundays are a day I take off to recharge so I am going to have to revisit my current scheduling obligations.

Monday, May 8th

Normally I map out on Monday and so I worked to create a more effective Journal so I could document and keep better notes about project ideas and progress.

On my way out to errands ran into a couple people that I haven’t seen in awhile which ended up burning about an hour.

As I looped back, my divinely orchestrated life had my path cross with someone I had been thinking of connecting with.

Christi was jogging past but stopped and explained that I had been on her mind as well!

We walked and talked before heading back to our days but not before committing to locking down a scheduled get together upon her return.

The rest of the day passed quickly. I have regular checkups that mean hours aways due to travel and appointment time.

In the DVO (divinely orchestrated life) I was given some additional information that is worth following up on–more on that later.

Tuesday, May 9th

Today was a slow start and after I finish this update I am heading outside for a stroll and maybe some errands.

I did a small bit of research this am and began some of the follow ups with the people I connected with last week.

One of the priorities is to go deeper into another project that has to be completed shortly.

Out of 11 things put on my list for the week yesterday, two are completed so a bit more effort and implementation needs to be happening.

A couple of other items got added but they were cleared right away.

Normally, when new items come in, they get scheduled if they are not in the queue.

However, once in a while if they can get cleared quickly–I’ll make an adjustment.

How about you? I’d love to hear about how you tackle processes and make progress.

Just a reminder, comments close in a day but you can continue the discussion with me on Facebook.

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