Review 90 Day Year™

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Review 90 Day Year™

The 90 Day Year Program™ opens for enrollment again periodically but I wanted to share what progress has happened since I enrolled and things I did not share in my original 90 Day Year review here. It would be good if you read that first since I am picking up where I left off.

BTW I’m glad you stopped by to learn more about the 90 Day Year and if it can help you. I am an alumna from the original 90 Day Year beta group (2014) and was part of the 90 Day Year Next Level (discontinued in May 2016). At the moment I am still actively working the program with other alumni. In April we all met with Todd Herman in Las Vegas and although I wrote a review previously, I wanted to document and share my experiences to help you make a decision.

Review 90 Day Year Todd Herman

90 Day Year – 1st Triannual of 2016
One of my discoveries that came to light at the end of 2015 was that my perceptions were a bit off.

In fact, after running the final numbers and discovering better results than I had anticipated, I soon found that my perceptions were shifting right along with the business. The numbers were increasing despite my thinking that things were consistent and perhaps stagnant. I.Was.Wrong.

Actual result was that the 1st triannual of 2016 was sitting at a 75% increase over the same period in 2015.

The funny thing is that I work less now than ever before, so when I ran the numbers, the increase took me by surprise.

Ultimately, I consistently under estimate what is really happening and as I continue to work, change is happening in all areas of my life..

Because I didn’t feel like I had accomplished much in 2015, I took the time to outline each 90 Day period and the 1st quarter of 2016–both for you and for me!

90 Day Year 2015

  • 1st Quarter: Learning 90 Day Year Processes – Business Clarity

Boy was this a nightmare. I was well known in another field and had a hard time moving away from that identity. Even so, I found myself chatting with new prospects. However the reality was, my messaging was still too broad and those business owners were not a good fit for me and where I was heading.

At that time I had been operating as a full service marketing agency and differentiating myself was not going well. Everyone throws around terms such as SEO, social media, online marketing, etc., but few actually know what they mean or what is involved.

My attempts at partnering and outsourcing became a nightmare. With growth comes a need for a team and I had forged some alliances and was hopeful. However, the first team referred to me did not deliver the quality I expected and it took four times the time to clean up the mess.

I then tested another consultancy partnership but their percentage of delivery was not acceptable. I work to hit higher numbers–as a detailed oriented person that is how I get superb results and they assumed that 95% was good enough.

It. Was. Not.

So, when the CEO called me to discuss the matter. I stressed that their 5% miss was terrible since that percentage involved neglecting major targets I consider vital and prioritize.

The good news was since I was testing, this conservative move meant that there was  no long term damage was done. I stayed in too long in that and another project simply because online results can take 90-180 to see in some cases. But I now know some projects or theories can be tested quickly. (Pay attention to Todd’s 2 weeks sprints and validation process–saves you a lot of time, money and headaches!)

In the end, despite the CEO assurances, they continued to drop the ball and I terminated the relationship.

Review 90 Day Year Todd Herman

Lesson: Test but also clarify expectations of what is to be delivered and how. 

What It Looks Like Now: I still do not have a reliable team but I do have some strategic partners AND also 3 agency resources that I have vetted and can hire/use when I am ready to bring them on. 

  • 2nd Quarter: Changed Business Focus – Moved

If you think one relocation is a nightmare, try a bunch in one year! During the second and third quarters I moved multiple times. I had brought in some new business and was working to streamline but still had not made the leap into being able to do it. That is what was going to be necessary for growth.

My stamina was non-existent so I was not able to tackle growth as some of my other 90 Day Year alumna had.

Their results were astounding. Many reached six figures in business, others had moved up a level or two in their business operations so that they now had teams working with them.

And so I just did what I could and watched and celebrated the wins I saw others achieving.

Really, it is the 90 Day Year community and the relationships within it that make it pretty darn fabulous. I was also always amazed at how targeted the program demographics were so that there were scary similarities between members as well as wonderful symbiotic alliances and friendships forming.

Review 90 Day Year Todd Herman

We all were moving in sync at the different levels of business. The insights and connections were at such high levels I am still overjoyed at having those as perks of joining.

As things would have it, I moved  and although my relocation was to the seaside town of my dreams, it was a bit daunting in some respects.  For the moment, I had landed into a temporary situation and began to explore–and things started to change.

Review 90 Day Year Todd Herman

Lessons: Just Keep Swimming. – Progress NOT Perfection.

What It Looks Like Now: I am making steady progress and have most of my groundwork done. Not everything is ideal but once I start rolling I can get a team to revamp it to where I want it. 

  • 3rd Quarter: Health Recovery Focus

Now I’ve lived a healthy lifestyle, cleaning living and outdoor activities have been a staple but having never faced something that impacted my life so severely, I was still struggling toward wellness.

Truth is that the guessimate to full recovery was 2-5 years. At the moment it has been 2.5 years and counting.

When you face something that impacts your body and brain–it is pretty overwhelming. It isn’t something people understand unless they have faced something similar themselves.

With the relocation I decided it was time to step away from the 90 Day Business plan and concentrate on the 90 Day health plan.

Why? Because I had not been up to going to the first New York gathering and another 90 Day Year event was planned for September.

I figured if I applied myself at an increased level, I might be strong enough to travel without severe repercussions…so that is what I did.

The good news is that it worked.

Already on a restricted regime, I began working on my stamina by walking and doing yoga.

Six days a week I worked at it–and the results paid off in time for me to make it to New York. There I joined other alumni at the 90 Day Year event but also got to join Melanie and Devin Duncan at their event. The Duncans were the ones to get me into the initial 90 Day Year program and it was a very happy experience for me all the way around.

The photo with the humpback whale character to the right was taken at a point which I suspect is half-way to complete wellness. I look vastly different than I did even six months ago. In Las Vegas April 2016 my #90DY pal, Sandra Jones said, “Wow, you look more vibrant every time I see you.” That is a great thing for sure.


Lessons: Set things in motion, work it consistently and things will fall into place by design.

What It Looks Like Now: The outcome from the New York trip was clarity of vision, messaging, and a long term vision for where I am headed.

  • 4th Quarter: New Business Model Outlined – Another Move

So, although I returned from New York with clarity and drive, it still took some time to recover from the trip.

Long days and other challenges took a toll that meant I had to take care of myself and recharge.

As soon as I was functional, it was time for another trip and one last move!

I had medical follow ups in Southern California as well as decisions to make related to what I was going to do with any remaining belongings. The sad reality was that it would not be a good idea to keep anything other than a few items that were free of mold spores.

In the end, I said good-bye to friends, family and business buddies and loaded up a car with five boxes with all that I owned.

Driving up to the central coast was a smooth trip, although a long one. Moving from a mountain lake resort to a coastal resort was a big change–but I made it. The new beach cottage was ready for the reveal. Knowing some of my story, the property owner outfitted it with all that I needed–what a great blessing.

Now I could settle in and get working toward a new future…and yes, it is a fabulous as it seems. The photo–down the street. #NoFilters #divinelyorchestratedlife

Review 90 Day Year Todd Herman

90 Day Year 2016

  • 1st Quarter: Focus on Building New Marketing Funnel

The good news is that I made it to 2016 and was astounded at the progress despite my perceptions that it was somehow not as good.

Once your processes begin to change, your life can. In this case, my life began to change before I noticed.

Seriously, when I trained business and animal people I saw them go through uncomfortable growth and change. Learning to do things differently and hitting resistance and discomfort–I soon realized I was going through the same process.

Dang that Todd Herman! LOL

However, what I realized as I continued to move forward, is that I now know how to move differently and to sit and wait so I can get additional insight or clarity.

Right now I get grumpy when I am doing technician or fulfillment tasks since I know I should be outsourcing them. Many small businesses get stuck on this treadmill when they should get off and focus on higher level opportunities and actions.

For streamlining, I batch tasks…my favorite it to pack up my laptop and walking along the ocean to the aquarium cafe to work for a Power Hour. I pack up, gaze at animals, and then walk back to finish more work or tackle what remains on my calendar. It is a 3 for 1 effort and gets exercise, pleasure and work out of the way in a 2-2.5 hour window of time.

When I get to having a team and a virtual assistant, I’ll be working on some other tasks that take me forward faster.

This 90 Day Year round I created two websites for the Virtual Clipboard System pre-launch and the 5 Steps to 5 Stars Method. Both help businesses get better online customer reviews–fast. This translates into both revenue and better ranking visibility–both which benefit the business and compliment each other in the complex web.

I’ve also outline a new series of training for a short challenge to help businesses get online reviews fast and invited a small group of entrepreneurs into a group where I’ve been sharing developments as they roll out.

Landing pages are done and ready for split testing and the social media promotional campaigns will be rolling out by July. I also have a new lead generation operations system ready to be implemented.

There are a few odds and ends to finish but I anticipate that they will be done by the end of this 90 Day Year round.

This means that I am ready to rock it with the new group of business owners.

Review 90 Day Year Todd Herman

Lessons: Despite the best plans, things tend to take longer than anticipated. I have a new respect for anyone launching anything!

What It Looks Like Now: New changes and developments are rolling out weekly on the software development side. The new lead gen system will integrate with my landing page systems which integrate with the mailing system. Roll out will be ready for the next 90 Day period 

Your 90 Day Year™ Results

Overall, I am pleased with my experiences within the 90 Day Year™ and the changes I have enjoyed both personally and professionally by implementing what I learned and continue to learn.

If you are committed to change and seeing results, please do make the time to read Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year™ 5 stages of business. If the program sounds like a fit for your business join or get on the wait list.

The 90 Day Year isn’t for everyone and it is work–but it is worth it.

Because I am an alumna and believe in it, I partnered with Todd Herman to promote the 90 Day Year™ program. It won’t cost you any more but just means if you click through my link and then decide to purchase that I’ll get a commission. You can see other 90 Day Year Testimonials might be of interest to you as well.

Several times a year you can view Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year™ videos for free and if you are available, sign up to the wait list 

Don’t miss the videos while there are live because they will be taken down and you’ll miss out on the training and the downloads while they are free.

Here are the links for ease of access (that will roll out periodically) until then get on the 90 Day Year wait list here:

If you want to join, the program opens only a couple of times a year and private coaching sells out fast so when it opens you can click here to enroll in 90 Day Year™  or if you missed this round, grab the 90 Day Year™ Playbook for a short time.

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